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Local MP Dave Doogan has announced the final two events in his programme of ‘50+ Fairs’, which has been running over the summer. The events have been held in partnership with local organisations and representatives, and national charities, with the aim of providing free advice and support for Angus over-50s with the cost of living.

The first of these Fairs was held in Kirriemuir, with further events in Montrose, and Arbroath over the summer weeks – all of which were well-attended by local residents.

Doogan, the MP for Angus, has now confirmed the dates of the final two in this year’s programme, set to hit the City of Brechin on Friday 29th September, and Forfar on Friday 6th October (details below).

Commenting, Dave Doogan MP said:

“I am incredibly pleased that so many over-50s here in Angus have come along, to get the support and advice they may have needed. I am, however, disheartened that such action focused on helping people with the cost of living is necessary.

“The programme continues apace, with Brechin and Forfar next on the list of destinations, providing continued support as summer fades into Autumn.

“I hope those who may be struggling will come along, meet valuable local partners and get help boosting incomes, taking care of mental and physical health, and more.

“I also want to thank wholeheartedly every local and national organisation who has taken part so far, and provided important advice and support to people who need it most.”

  • Brechin 50+ Fair will be held on Friday 29th September, in Brechin City Hall, 1pm-4pm.

  • Forfar 50+ Fair will be held on Friday 6th October, in East & Old Parish Church, 1pm-4pm.

  • Organisations who have attended these events so far include: Angus Council Welfare Rights, Citizens Advice Scotland, North East Sensory Services, Alzheimer Scotland, Scarf, Angus Independent Advocacy, Community First (S-Mart), local Men’s sheds, She Scotland, and more.

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