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Angus MP Dave Doogan has joined calls to widen access for vaccinations for millions of children around the globe. The Angus MP joined UNICEF at their drop-in event in the House of Commons on Wednesday (26th April).

In their flagship report, For Every Child, Vaccination, UNICEF reveals that 67 million children missed out on potentially lifesaving vaccines between 2019-21. Immunisation rates are now at their lowest level since 2008, with 7 in 8 girls unprotected against HPV – leaving them at severely increased risk of cervical cancer.

Around the world, many nations face economic constraints in rolling out immunisation programmes, putting millions of lives at risk – particularly children.

Commenting, Dave Doogan MP said:

“Every year, 4.4 million lives are saved by vaccines. We have a moral duty to expand access to life-saving vaccines for nations around the world, many of whom face huge hurdles in implementing their own programmes.

The impact of the COVID pandemic on these efforts has been enormous, and every developed nation has a responsibility to help in this humanitarian priority. Immunisation levels are at their lowest since 2008 and this carries consequences for public health globally, not just in the global south.

Economically too it just makes sense as every $1 invested in immunisations sees a £26 return on that investment.”

The MP concluded:

“On my social media channels, I have all manner of views on politics, for and against independence, the SNP, the Tories or me which is all fine, but I maintain a zero-tolerance policy on misinformation posts about vaccines which I immediately take down. I will never provide a platform for these hysterical claims.

Vaccines have saved millions of lives worldwide so I’m pleased to join UNICEF in their calls for the UK and other developed Governments to take urgent action.”

Notes for editors:

  • UNICEF are demanding that the UK Government takes the following actions in response to their report:

    1. Investment in services that keep children alive, including immunisation.

    2. The UK Government putting children’s health first in the commitments, plans, and the conversations they have internationally.

    3. The implementation of plans to develop resilient health systems to catch-up on vaccinating missed and ensure every child can get the healthcare they have a right to.

  • Full UNICEF report can be reached here: SOWC-2023-full-report-English.pdf (

Dave Doogan MP attends the UNICEF drop-in, Wednesday 26th April

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