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£2,509,389 spent in Angus to mitigate the cruel Westminster policy.

Dave Doogan MP has warned that Labour and the Tories are pushing families in Angus into poverty, as new analysis has revealed 4079 households in Angus are being impacted by the bedroom tax.

The analysis, conducted by the SNP using the latest data available from the UK government Department for Work and Pensions, revealed that 4079 households in Angus have had their housing benefits cut due to the policy as of February 2023.

Recent figures have also shown that it cost Angus £641,986 last year to mitigate the impact of the bedroom tax, amidst the Tory cost of living crisis.

Commenting, Dave Doogan MP said:

"The Tories and Labour are pushing people across Scotland into poverty, and costing the Scottish Government hundreds of millions of pounds by choosing to continue imposing the bedroom tax against Scotland’s will. "This is yet another broken promise from the pro-Brexit Labour Party, who are becoming indistinguishable from the Tories. "In contrast, the SNP Scottish Government has spent millions of pounds protecting families by mitigating policies like the bedroom tax- locally in Angus to the tune of £2,509,389 – all with one hand tied behind our back. "With the full powers of independence, Scotland will rid itself of Westminster control for good – which would make harmful policies like the bedroom tax a thing of the past."

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