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My Contributions

A collection of all my written and spoken contributions regarding coastal erosion in Montrose

I understand that the rapid coastal erosion is a cause for alarm in the Montrose community and Angus as a whole. The Montrose dunes, promenade and links are some of Angus’ most iconic locations and their deterioration is a real concern. 


From my conversations with constituents, I understand that this is pressing issue and that work must be done. Constituents have been justifiably concerned about this issue for years now but due to last year's extreme weather these concerns are now amplified. The storms that battered Angus caused severe damage, sweeping away sewage pipes and even obliterating a section of the historic promenade in October last year.


I have been in constant contact with both the Scottish Government and Angus Council. They share my concerns and are tirelessly working towards a solution that limits the environmental destruction. Angus council conducted studies alongside the Dynamic Coast which highlighted the higher than usual erosion rates and emphasised the urgency of the situation. Angus Council have been working on their Shoreline Management Plan which assesses the risks associated with erosion and presents policies to help manage these risks. 


Holyrood awarded Angus Council £440,000 in January of this year to help combat erosion. This money will be a great asset to the Council who are finalising the results of their environmental screening process and are examining options for sourcing the necessary material to slow the rate and reduce the severity of the coastal erosion.


I have provided here a sight of all my correspondence regarding the coastal erosion as well as any other work I have done with concern to this issue. 


I understand that constituents will still have concerns and  I would be more than happy to discuss any queries. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions or to request a meeting if you feel it would be beneficial. 

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