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My Contributions

A collection of all my written and spoken contributions regarding the ongoing crisis in Gaza

A number of Angus constituents have contacted me regarding the proposed SSEN 400kV OHL, Kintore-Fiddes-Tealing connection route. I am aware of the strength of feeling on this issue and have repeatedly made representations on behalf of Angus constituents and raised concerns with SSEN. I have also repeatedly spoken on this issue in the House of Commons whenever this opportunity has arisen. 

From my conversations with constituents, I understand the primary concerns with the proposals are regarding the visual impact which this route will have on our part of the world, the negative impact on our environment, the effect on property values in the area, the loss of arable land. I also understand there are some concerns regarding potential health issues caused by proximity to pylons. I am also aware that many constituents are frustrated that this infrastructure will not benefit the people of Angus and Scotland.

Since May last year, I have been in continuous dialogue with SSEN regarding these proposals and have repeatedly impressed upon them the strong feelings of the people of Angus. I have expressed my extreme disappointment at SSEN’s failure to communicate effectively with people who will be directly impacted by the route. I have also underlined the critical need for SSEN to find a balance between the requirements of infrastructure and the ambitions of local people and communities where this is in conflict, including outlining constituents’ preferences for alternative routes such as subsea (For undergrounded. I am confident that SSEN now have no doubt about the type of issues which are causing concern to the people of Angus and I continue to engage with SSEN as this issue progresses. 

In Parliament, I have raised concerns regarding the limits placed on the infrastructure sector when contracted to undertake projects of this nature by UK Government. In this instance, the limited funding made available by UK Government has prevented the pursuit of a subsea route.

I have provided here sight of correspondence between myself and SSEN over the past year (my contributions link), as well as contributions I have made in the UK Parliament on this matter, and other relevant information (FAQs) which may be helpful to constituents seeking to understand this situation. 

I understand constituents continue to be concerned, and would be more than happy to discuss further the actions I have already taken with residents of Angus. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions or to request a meeting if you believe this would be helpful.

It may also help to know that I will also be attending the public meeting at Forfar Community Campus on Sat 16th March, 10am-12pm to discuss constituents’ concerns on this matter. 

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